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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning. as we go throughout the day no weather problems. 77, partly to mostly sunny by noon. highs today low to middle 80s. right now 63 and at 5:00, here's the traffic. good morning. it is monday and things are looking good out there as we check our realtime maps here and move to our cameras though on 95 prince william parkway, all the way to the mixing bowl, looking good in virginia. maryland, good morning to you as we check our maps, route 4, rout 5 and 30 , zooming in an not seeing years here. let's go back outside an check our live camera here. this time on the outer loop from 95 to georgia. looking good. no problems op the inner loop as well at inbound new york avenue in dc. no problems throughout the district. back to angie. if you are a redskins fan this morning and you have not heard it is time to celebrate.
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washington opening the 2010 regular season by winning a nail biter last night against the cowboys. here's how it ended. romo threw what would have been the winning touchdown as time ran out, but one of his lineman was called for holding redskins orakpo. day owens has reaction from fedex field. >> 101st first cowboys reskins game. wow! what can you say? it went down to the final play of the game. and when the smoke cleared, he red -- the redskins had a hard- fought victory. >> very pleased with our team. heck of a job when you move the bam ball like we did on offense it is hard to beat a good football team and we town a way to do that temperature proud of the total effort of the team. >> a huge went for us but at the same time we didn't play
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the way we are capable of playing. so that's a little discouraging but we will watch the film from this and get better. >> offensely we have to close out ourself fourth down, 3rddown we get in the red zone we have to score touchdowns eliminate that from happening. >> reporter: it is victory monday. shanahan gaves the players this day off and on to the texans. >> with an ending like that there are a lot of redskins fans talking this morning. we sent kristin fisher out to arlington to check out the mood. have you found anyone who's still up from the celebration? >> i don't think that anyone is up since last night's game, except i did find one person. she's a rate waitress here at won's diner in arlington. what is your name. >> brigitte. >> you have been here since
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11:00 last night. what did you think of the game? >> i was really excited. really hoping they would pull it off and they did. >> how do you think the redskins played? did they live up to your expectations or exceed them? >> they exceeded them. i was hoping for what i saw, so yea. >> bridge jet was telling me just before we went live here that if you look around here you can see back here this is actually a cowboys hot spot. they have a could you byes clock in here. a cowboys poster. apparently the owner's son is a big fan of the cowboys but brigitte said she held down the fort last night. what was it like during the game? did you have to defend the redskins? >> not really. it was pretty empty. i think they were at the game but i had to defend myself around here. >> reporter: show us your nails. check these out.
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painted them especially for the game. girls, you have to love. that we will be here all morning long. so if you are watching, you watched the game last night and need breakfast, you need to come by and get some breakfast. angie did you stay up for the game? >> i got the recap this morning. 1:30 call time, you know but glad they won. stay with 9 news now for the coverage of the monday morning post game press conferences and to read more on the victory and over results an the league, log on to and click on the sports tab. investigators in loudoun county, virginia say an afternoon robbery at a hair salon yesterday may be related to another robbery nearby. sunday's robbery happened at the hair cuttery in the ashburn plaza. a man with a knife walked in and demanded money. the sheriffs office says his description is similar to the robber that hit a taco bell and
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kfc restaurant. anyone with information should contact police. police in fairfax county are investigating a late-nied murder in springfield. a man was shot in the 6800 block of field master drive. police say this does not appear to be a random attack and do not feel there is a threat to the general public from this cream. a search is underway for an escapee that may be heading to a washington area. paul palmer slipped away from police who were transporting him to jail on murder charges. authorities say he tried to stab a man to death. he is 32 years old and last seen driving a 2008 kia spectra with maryland tag and a spare tire on one of the wheels. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> so far so good for the month of seven. we are up out of seven of the
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last eight trading sessions. checking the market for you -- last week's rally on wall street fueled by fresh optimism about the economy, and this week a heavy schedule of economic reports will help determine how valid the optimism really is. tomorrow we have the commerce department reporting on retail sales for august. the federal reserve releases production for august and readings fall on thursday and friday. not a lot of inflation in the paychecks of board members lately. our partners at "usa today" have a look at the survey. it shows the pay for directors at the 500 largest companies rose 1% for all of 2009. is well below the typical 10% a year raises board members were getting in the early 2000s. >> makes you wonder if they plan to stay on board and meet
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the demand. coming up we have a money saver today. we are getting you granite for your kitchen and bathroom for up to 70% off. >> i know you love this. >> you know i love to decorate. >> you do. dc school officials have released details on how teachers can qualify for performance-based pay raises. instructors who received a highly effective ranking may be eligible for a $25,000 bonus. teacher thes who maintain that rating in consecutive years could see salaries rise by $28,000. the bonuses come after the new contract signed this summer raised the average pay to $88,000 a year. some in the adams morgan commune are angered at the shooting of a dog by a police officer. it happened over the weekend as thousands packed streets for adams morgan day. according to witnesses, two
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dogs, both on leashes, got in to a fight on an 18th street sidewalk. a dc k-9 police officer saw the dogs fighting and came over to break it up. police refused to comment on the matter. a sec wildfire stretches emergency crews to the limit in colorado. that story is coming up plus, checks get underway this week to prevent another natural gas line explosion near san francisco. thousands of people marched through downtown washington with a message for captiol hill lawmakers. stay with us.
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some people have been allowed back to see their homes after last week's gas pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno, california. four people are dead and a few more are missing after
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thursday's blast. the gas utility has been ordered to survey all of the lines for leaks. more evacuations near boulder, colorado has the second wildfire is now threatening some neighborhoods. flames scorched hundreds of acres prompting authorities to evacuate people within four miles of the fire. several thousand people marched down pennsylvania avenue yesterday in the washington monument to the capitol. it is within of the tea party rallies held in cities across the country. supporters want to see less federal government spending. the people whose defense jobs are heading to ft. belvoir can celebrate a major road improvement project. and a the desperate situation caused by the flooding in asia get worse as landslides take out more homes. what's happening with the weather here? here's howard. >> we have fog and it could slow don't the morning commute. and the rest of the forecast
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when 9 news now returns. and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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people in part of northern indiana are waiting for help after landslides destroy their homes. those in lower lying areas have already fled the massive flooding that afced parts of india, china an pakistan. so much devastation in asia and
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here on our turf, pretty much out west we are seeing the dryness, the fires. >> some people attribute all of these extremes to the warming that may be going on here, global warming. and whether it is man made or not we are not going to get in to that but these are the ramifications and also the monsoons that kick up in parts of the world every year tate. >> thankfully nothing of that caliber here. >> we could use more rain than yesterday and speaking of the rain yesterday, two-thirds at reagan national. 7/10 in bill in do gnuland who called this morning an the rain left low-level moisture around and that means we have fog to talk about. on the eastern shore some of the visibilities are pretty darn low. that's a zero in culpeper. that's a zero in orange. spreading to manassas now. the airport there reporting quarter mile visibility. winchester you were four miles last hour. what happened?
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you have down a half mile. this area we have to watch and also watching easton to denton, too. looking at the day at a glance, mostly cloudy at 9:00, upper 60s. we will burn off the fog and low clouds. 77 at noon. 81 at 5:00 and then the clouds we have this morning giving us the temperature in the 80s. 50s out west. the bus stop forecast, clouds with patchy fog west. 50s and 60s. you might even need a little sweat jacket or something out to culpeper or the shenandoah valley. sun is up at 6:48 here in washington. this afternoon, becoming partly toes many ms. and low 80s. if we get the clouds our early we will be closer to 85. low clouds could hang a little bit. west winds five to 15. tonight, partly cloudy and cool. 58 to 64. 7:20 on the sunset. we have 50s in gaithersburg.
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58 baltimore. and 60 in columbia and arlington. springfield 61. ft. belvoir 60. sterling and reston and manassas upper 50s and manassas, the fog is thickening up. mostly cloudy at national with dew point in the upper 50s and light winds. another front is coming out there. we have to get rid of that "h. " we will have a little disturbance that could cause a few sprinkles. the better chance is in to thursday night, friday. that's the next front. and igor, 150-mile an hour hurricane, almost category five. might be toward bermuda in three to four days. 85 today. a chance of a shower on tuesday night. but thursday is the next front. right now the weekend looks good, sunny and highs in the low 80s. speaking of looking good.
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>> it is monday morning an we are looking at the region. no major incidents to speak about an we are liking what we see. a live camera to see how things are looking as we head out to 270. it is moving well. germantown and 370 volume is picking up as folks head out to work but no incidents or accidents to speak of. move over to 66 for folks in to virginia heading from dc to centreville over to 495. all lanes are open. every is moving at speed right now. going to the inner loop on the beltway from 66 to the 270 spur in virginia. things are looking terrific. it is 5:17. back to angie. we have some commuter alerts for you no now. vdot will be holding a ribbon cutting and dedication for the final section of the fair fan pack county parkway. the part of the map shown in yellow and green open to week
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from tomorrow to traffic. now parkway drives will be teal access i-95. the construction should help with the track traffic as the pack plan moves more jobs to this fort. a new pattern in place for drivers on the 14th street bridge. all the lanes have been rerouted to the right because the shoulder is closed as part of the bridge rehabilitation project. it marks the half way point of the project. we will have more reaction from the redskins to their last- second win. plus, a look at how the other teams in the nfc east faired in their season openers. highlights coming up in sports. but first here's who is sell operating a beth day today -- -- birthday today --
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good morning. i'm greg toll land. the redskins could not have asked for a closer game. they have opener came down to
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the final play. bruce allen taking a page out of the franchise history. it got a little mojo working. first offense possession. mcnabb a pass to moss good for 15-yards plus another 85 for roughing the passer and he broke the seal. at the end of the half, cowboys desperate to score and a bad choice. four seconds in the half. hall rips the ball away from choice and d hall will take it the other way. good for a touchdown as the clock strikes zero. horrible mistake. redskins up 80-0. could you byes appear to get a touchdown but a holding and approximatelity fully anies it and the redskins win 13-7. it's what you play for. we always talk about finishing games and we played a great game and came down to the last
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play and we were able to come through. >> we have been through tough games but it is a way to start the season [ inaudible ] despite how up and down it was we ended up being victorious. >> what a win for the skins. the most mcnabb era began in philadelphia. maybe they are missing him. cobb made his starting back as. kevin cobb in the sec quarter. matthews drives cobb to the turf. he left at halftime with a concussion and did not return. rogers goes to work. jennings the coach. packers in control. 27-10. fourth quarter michael vick in for cobb. looking gad here he fires to
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jeremy. eagles within ten. packers beat the eagles 27-20. giants playing the first game at the meadow lands stadium. first quarter manning, touchdown. 7-3 giants. second quarter, giants do it again. another touchdown made it 14-9. manning an nick not done yet. and nick four catches three for touchdowns an the giants win 38- 18. hope you have a great day. 2010 united states open. >> one more sports note for you. the men's final of the u.s. open was postponed due to rain. so nadal will play his match this actual and you can see it here on channel 9 starting at
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4:00 p.m. many folks ventured out over the week to sample the arts in old town, alexandria. the festival of the arts featured painting sculptures, photography and jewelry for sale and free artist demonstrations and live performances. welcome back. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. thanks for joining us. we have the traffic and weather. >> loving mondays. >> we are loving mondays an the fact it will be sunny. sunday's big win over the redskins, i'm thinking too many things at one time. >> take it easy. happy we had rain. the rain this morning responsible for fog that we are watching, especially in the western pushes though a little bit on the eastern shore, as well. start with the visibilities and show you the areas in yellow. manassas is a quarter mile.
5:29 am
zero in culpeper and orange. half miami winchester to martinsburg. and there's easton half mile. at four. here's the temperatures which are running in the 50s. mid-50s shenandoah valley to low to mid 80s in southern maryland. naval air station, 65. and newland 62. more sunshine as the day progresses. 81 they are drive home with low 80s and it is 5:29. good morning. >> let's get you outside and get you going for the week. overview of the area. everything is looking good. no incidents to report out there. a live camera an see how things are looking on 395. over the 14th street bridge. check it out a new traffic pattern. either side of this to watch for shorter merging distances on 395 and the 14th street bridge this morning. in to dc, south capitol and
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suitland parkway, traffic is moving in to dc right now. no issues all the bridges in to dc are in great shape. finally check out the capital beltway for you from colesville to georgia. failing up with traffic out there. it is 5:30 in the morning an that's how it will look. if you went to bed early you missed an unbelievable ending to the redskins first regular season game. dallas redskins hosting dallas. romo to choice who rumbles. hall scoops it up and runs it in for the score. then at the end of the game, with washington leading 88-7 but the cowboys driving for the win. this time romo throws the game- winning touchdown as the clock expires but allen barren is called for holding negating the score. we go to kristin fisher who's
5:31 am
live in arlington and never too early to celebrate a big win. >> never too early. haul though i will say it is probably a little too early for a lot of redskins fans that stayed up late to watch the game. you can see this dinner in arlington is pretty quiet this morning. i have been checking out the manages, getting the blog head leans and that reaction from last night's game on my ipad. i want to show you these. they are pretty funny. this is nfc east log and it reads redskins strip cowboys from dignity. that's good bragging rights for redskins fans and one more this is the cowboys website their home page and you can read the headline this morning is opening ugly. mistakes at the end of the first half and final play of the game bring 13-7 loss. all of you redskins fans waking up morning, rest assured that
5:32 am
cowboys fans are having a rough go of it this morning yo guys take this cake this morning. i have found one, somewhat of a redskins fan. carlos is up bright and early. what did you think of the game last night? i only caught the first part of it but imimpressed they scored off the bat. i had to turn off but -- we have to get up early. >> seemed like they were playing well, which is nice to see. >> you have a new coach and quarterback. do you think this is a good start to the new era 0 redskins football? >> oh, yeah. i think we will be coming up again after a couple of years of not so good. always good to be optimistic and hope for the best. >> has last night's performance changed the way you think the redskins will play for the rest of the season. >> cautiously optimistic we have seen false starts before but i have a lot of faith in
5:33 am
the new coach and think he will hopefully turn it around. >> thank you so much for being with us, carlos. regardless of what happens the rest of the season, redskins fans have a lot of bragging rights this morning. you beat the cowboys, one othe biggest rivals in the season opener. it will be a great monday for most redskins fans and if you are out and about looking for a place to have breakfast, come down to bob an anitas in arlington. we will be here and we would love to chat. >> we would love for you to bring us some back. >> to read more on the redskins victory and other results an the league, log on to and click on the sports tab. a warning for parents whose children attend beale elementary school in rockville. police have searching for a man who approached three students last week in a wooded area
5:34 am
behind the school. an 11-year-old girl said she heard wrestling in the woods. two other girls ran away but the 18-year-old went to investigate. >> a man came out of the bushes. she describes him as being dressed all in black, including a black ski mask over his face. she started to run away and he followed her for a short distance. she said that he made some sort of sounds to herring but she couldn't distinguish what he was saying. >> reporter: police say beale and administrators are sending a letter to parents. they say while no crime was committed they want to make sure students and parents are careful. an autopsy will be performed to see whether a maryland couple died in a suicide. neighbors heard gunshots on saturday night along bonny bridge place. police say there were no signs of forced entry in the house and they say a weapon was
5:35 am
recovered from the scene. the couple has three children. authorities are looking for a gunman who apparently is targeting law enforcement officers in calvert county, maryland. someone riddled two homes with bullets. a maryland state trooper lives in one house and a st. mary's county sheriffs deputy in the other even a patrol car was also shot up. some officers moved their families while they try to find those responsibility. one possibility this may be retaliation after the recent arrest of suspected gang members. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with the latest on the debate over tax cuts. it seems like it is never ending. >> of course we have the mid- term elections coming up and we are seeing political wrangling over tax cuts taking center stage. the gop is signaling it is open to compromise. house republican leader john boehner told cbs's face the nation he would now support extending tax cuts for families
5:36 am
making less than $250,000 a year even if fax cuts for the wealthy are alied to expire at the end of the year. republicans have been arguing that raising taxes on the rich would only hurt the economy but the obama administration insists it has no choice. the average price of regular is $2.69 a gallon around the country. aaa putts the price in our area at $2.62 a gallon this morning. today's money saver, do you love the look and durability of granite but don't think you can afford it? if you are renovating a small to medium size kitchen you may be in luck. they often have large pieces of scrap granite leftover and sell them up to 70% off the original price and may give you small scraps big enough for a bathroom for free. for more check out my blog the follow me on twitter and i'd
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love to be your friend on facebook. >> i love this because i just moved in to a new place and who knew. >> thank you for that tip. a new have video surfaces in the dc mayor's race. that story is coming up. on the lighter side, one woman at sunday's music awards. you are looking at the toll road as you move eastbound toward dc past reston before 495 to tysons corner. right now all lanes are open. everything is looking good. more news, weather and traffic coming up. stay with us.
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miners reported the need to counterhack combustible coal dust the same afternoon of the deadly explosion. some of the 2 t men who died called attention to the conveyer bell which needed to
5:40 am
be covered with pulverized stop to reduce the threat. the explosion is the deadliest u.s. mining accident in 40 years. manufacture than 100 people are out of their homes after an apartment fire in orange, new jersey. firefighters from nine departments work to douse the flames the units not damaged by smoke an fire are uninhabitable because of water damage. lady gaga won everything she was nominated for at the video music awards last night including the biggest prize of the night, video of the year for "bad romance. " the second highest number of wins in one night. new charges fly between dc's top candidates for mayor in the final day of campaigning. that story is coming up. plus a look at how the recent lack of rainfall is affecting a main source of drinking water. we had some rain yesterday but still in somewhat drought conditions. we will watch they are more rain chances letter this week.
5:41 am
this morning we are watching the fog. we will have the monday forecast when 9 news now returns. ♪
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a drought watch has been issued for the washington region by the council of governments. scoot scott broom found dramatic effects of our dry weather in louden county, virginia. >> this isn't high and we have shorter than this. >> in the sweet corn john tried to grow this year. it didn't work out at all. it is more than dramatic. it represents a substantial loss of re knew. >> reporter: governors of virginia and maryland are in the pros of aplaying for federal disaster aid because of widespread damage like this. and here's another place where the drought is having dramatic effects. >> this is the potomac river at point of rocks maryland.
5:45 am
on that side is virginia. over here is maryland. i'm going to keep walking. now, remember, as i keep walking out in the river, that this is the water supply for 90 to 95% of the washington region. well, here i am. dead in the middle of the potomac river. that's virginia on this side. point of rocks, maryland on that side. it is barely calf deep right here. this is enough water to supply our needs downstream in the washington area but not nearly as much water as usual. >> see what i can get. >> reporter: eric came down to do fishing and was surprised by what he found. >> definitely cud use some rain. not a thundershower but a downpour would be great. >> notice i didn't walk to maryland that is because there are deep spots to the other side but the fact is you can wade almost across the whole thing and barely get your pants
5:46 am
wet. scott bram, 9 news now. in fact, virginia governor mcdonald it is not just virginia. set south and east of wag and north and west. from hagerston, cumberland there the value he and packier con the and well ams being is the worst of the conditions. >> scott broom is cast deep in the meddle the potomac. this
5:47 am
morning the fog formed. in the last come of minutes a dense fog advisory until neon. ing see it in loaden con the, fred reckon the, maryland there presence well am manassas to culpeper a quarter mile. orange and lake anna zero. quarter mile martinsburg and hagerstown. winchester in here out of it. on the eastern shore, by the way, easton has had some. they have come up to a mile we will watch west of town. it could seriously slow you down this morning. stepping outside, i'm seeing stars overhead in northwest. 77 by noon. 81 for the drive home. highs in ehlo to mid-80s today. right now 64 with a couple of clouds out there. the bus stop
5:48 am
forecast is calling for those partly to mostly cloudy skies and patchy fog west of dc. 50s an 80s are the temperatures. in an hour, 6:48 is when the sun is coming up. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, warmer. low 80s i could be conservative here, up to 85 or 88 in one or two spots not out of the question. partly cloudy and cool. 50s and 60s for the lows. locally 59 gaithersburg and rockville. got 80s in college park, bethesda and columbia. andrews air force base 59. 80 ft. belvoir. reston, manassas and sterling in the upper 50s. national 64. dew point is 59 an a light wind out of the north northwest. we have a front here which may touch off a chance of a shower as we head in to late tomorrow night, wednesday morning. and with low pressure pulling away we expect a nice, sunny day. our nine future cast in motion.
5:49 am
here it comes. a little disturbance coming here. by tuesday evening acriminals ohio and may see a sprinkle on tuesday in to wednesday morning. low to mid-80s through thursday. friday upper 70s and over the weekend right now is looking good. highs in the low 80s. patranya bhoolsuwan has the monday morning commute info. >> thank you, howard. gad news weather wise for today and right now looking good on the roadways, as well. head out this door and it will slow down and drivers on the brakes around 7100. on 395, we will take a live shot at the 14th street bridge. things are backed up and the reason is the new traffic patten we are dealing with. there will be no emergency
5:50 am
coming out ott of the gw parkway. if you are heading north on 395 watch for that. as we move to maryland, good morning to you. you are traveling down 270. southbound traffic is moving well. little slow germantown and montross but other than that no big problems to tell you about. finally we will fly over 50 right now. 50 westbound as we head to dc. right now bowie to 495 things are looking terrific. 5:50 in the morning. back to you. turning to campaign 2010 in the district. we are roughly 24 hours away from the start of election day in the district. and what would be an election day without any controversy? spotters of mayor fenty have produced a video which suggests his rival dc council chair vincent gray's campaign has been bribing people to vote for him on the video there are alleged interviews of people who say they were offered gift certificates at the nearby giant food store if they got in
5:51 am
the van for a trip to the early voting precinct at the tennis and learning center in southeast. >> if you get on our van we will buy you lunch. you have to go vote and get back on. i will be right here. >> okay. but who do i have to vote for, gray? >> no. you can vote for whoever the hell. you can vote for yourself. >> reporter: a pokes woman for the gray campaign says this is a play tan attempt by the fenty campaign to deflect attention from real allegations of vote buying, which have been made against the mayor's side. she adds the woman this the tape is a volunteer and does not work for the campaign and makes clear that people who accept the ride and gift certificate can vote for whom ever they chose. today is the last day you can vote in the district. the early voting locations will be open from 8:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. more than 15,000 people have voted early. to find out where you can vote early log on to and
5:52 am
click on 9 news extras. we will look at the weekend box office results coming up in entertainment news. plus, the university of maryland is working on robots to help with battlefield assignments and everyday tasks. a gaitherburg man who tried to lure a young girl to a local mall will spend decades in prison. police look for a robber who's attacking customers a prince georges county atm. and the number of overweight students in the washington suburbs has grown to levels typical of less affluent areas.
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. oh my goff. fall's first movie weekend used a zombie flick to much life in to a dead box office. resident evil after life devoured the competition grossing $27 million. it's not surprising considering it was the only real opener this week. a record debut for the based on video game zombie franchise. the american and george clooney followed close weeing
5:56 am
tough reviews. machete and going to the simpsons came in fifth place. it is monday an sticking with the movie theme. looks like metro mix is hosting another private screening. one of the first woman in washington to see it. the super bad star leads the film that is more than a scarlet letter set in high school. have pass -- have to win passes. you didn't mike it on "american idol" and you are tired of solo performing for your showerhead and wednesday night could be your night. go to lush on open mic night. it is happening every wednesday at 383 t mount vernon avenue in alexandria. social media ties prove strong for one local woman trying to fight a national epidemic. dc tweeters joined forbess to
5:57 am
support twitter sara stanley. guests helped her to raise awareness on childhood obesity and won prizes like professional dating consultations. we check out the entire event gallery and that of others like the hip mop bar crawl that went down this week. it is all ott imagine robots that drive your car, rescue people in the middle of a storm or search through your bloodstream in search of a disease? scientists are working on these things at the university of maryland robotics lab. bruce leshan got to check them out. >> okay turn it. there you go. this is not child's play. >> i want to make another robot. >> reporter: please don't crash other robots. >> reporter: in college park, scientists are working on robots that can drive themselves.
5:58 am
>> looking for the cones and straight for them. >> reporter: and maybe someday can drive you. >> like how the cruise control works in your car, keeps the same speed. what if it could follow the lanes ' keep up with traffic for you as well? >> reporter: amazing. i'm making this helicopter move just by thinking about it by focusing on it. all you have to do is focus to push it in to the air or relax to bring it down. >> i imagine myself putting my hand under the vehicle. >> i think it is incredibly cool. >> you can imagine being trying a vehicle with his thoughts or eyes or something like that. >> reporter: a few doors down a tandem motor so powerful they had to tie it down. >> a lot of times in sedge search and rescue and other missions the weather is poor. it is dark. >> build it big enough and it might be able to rescue people in a hurricane. >> protect people. >> reporter: in the sea, in space, in the air.
5:59 am
>> world's smallest single winged craft. >> reporter: robots are poised to take over the most dangerous, most difficult or just most boring tasks. in college park, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> maryland has become a national center for robot research. you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. patranya bhoolsuwan will have the traffic in a moment but first begin with howard. and he says the fog is clearing a bit. >> here in town we have seen clear skies. out west a dense fog advisory. it has been issued within the last half hour. show you that on the weather graphics. prince william and loudoun and frederick county, maryland out to washington county, as well. down 81 through winchester and in parts of northern virginia. that's until 9:00 this morning. the visibles that we are looking at down to a quarter mile in


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